Deirdre Furlong

Who is EasyWeigh

EasyWeigh is an Irish owned Weight Management Clinic offering both In-Clinic and virtual At-Home appointments.

“Hi, I’m Deirdre Furlong, Weight Management Consultant and owner of EasyWeigh. After overcoming my own weight issues, I was driven by a passion to help others struggling with their weight. I qualified as a Weight Management Consultant and worked consecutively for two national organisations, helping people to make good food choices and lead a healthier and happier life. I learned that people’s issues can be complex but the solutions can be simple. That’s when the idea for EasyWeigh, Weight Loss Made Simple was born.”

What we do

We work with you on an individual basis and devise a personalised plan tailored to your needs. We use a simple and practical weight loss method. The plan is low-carb with healthy portions of all food groups, so that you stay healthy whilst losing fat – not muscle. You don’t have to count calories or figure out a complex points system.
Easy Weigh Diverse Group of People

How we work

If you’re curious about EasyWeigh and you’d like to check us out you can book a 30-minute Assessment appointment. If you and EasyWeigh are a good match you can sign up for one of our plans.
We offer 6, 10, 15 and 20-week plans. Appointments take place weekly, at the clinic or via videocall.



Assessment appointment

We begin with an Assessment appointment, during which we gather information about your weight management history, your expectations, your health, and your current eating and lifestyle habits. We also take your blood pressure (if you are attending the clinic), we weigh you (or ask you to weigh yourself at home) and we calculate your BMI.


Week 1

Based on your Assessment, we will have worked out your weight loss EasyFoods plan and go through this in detail with you so you know exactly what to do during the coming week.


Week 2 onwards

You attend a weekly appointment either at the clinic or online. We discuss your progress and any issues you may have and adjust your plan to ensure steady progress. Your weight is taken at each appointment (if your appointment is online, we ask you to weigh yourself at home).