Easy Weigh The Power of No


If you believe that you are a victim of any addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, food, or inactivity, then you believe you have NO control over your life. The best way to regain control is to learn one of the most powerful, life altering words in existence. It’s the ultimate weapon to combat damaging behaviour. Change cannot begin without it. You are not likely to see any improvement until… you start to say the word “NO” to something that is controlling you. A recovering alcoholic or drug addict cannot say “I’ll have a little bit”, or “I’ll start
tomorrow”. They have to very firmly, and forcefully say “NO”, and mean it.
And it’s no different for you if your obstacle is rubbish food, or portion size, or inactivity. When temptation jumps in front of you, or when others are enticing you, or when the sofa is beckoning; by saying “NO”, you are taking control and moving in the direction of your goal.

Make “NO” your mantra, the song that keeps repeating in your head, your favourite word, your prayer, your most powerful ally. By saying “NO” you are actually saying “YES”. YES, I can do this. YES, I am in control. YES, I will succeed!

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