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They Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Do you say things like “I’ll never do it”, or “I don’t deserve it”, or “It’s too difficult for me”, or “I never stick with anything”, or “I’m a procrastinator”, or some other negative self-assertion? All these statements are just thoughts. And if we think them over and over again, they become beliefs. So, our beliefs are just thoughts, nothing more! Have you noticed that we tend to believe our limiting thoughts and pay more attention to them than empowering ones? For example, “I’m awesome” gets dismissed as a trivial thought. But “I’m a failure” gets far more attention and gets churned around in our minds until it becomes a self-sabotaging belief. Yet it is only a thought. Next time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, recognise it for what it is. Stop feeding it with attention and it will wither away and die!

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